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Heating Systems
In 1992 the introduction and implementation of the US Standard for wood heating appliances was introduced, thanks to the enormous efforts of industry representatives.
Leak Systems
The location of the burst pipe is often visible however this is not always the case. In some instances there are no visible signs of a burst pipe and the problem is only discovered due to a high water usage reading.
Toilet Systems
The Corona Plumbing and Heating assembly looks more complicated than it really is. When you go to a hardware or plumbing-supply store to buy a new assembly, you’ll find that both plastic and metal units are available.

About Us

“To be a premier provider of Corona Plumbing and Heating and Services."

“To work in partnership with our clients to provide business centric Information & Communications and Services are cost effective and provide value."


Corona Plumbing and Heating is a wholly US owned company to provide professional services in the areas of Project Management, Consulting, Managed Services and Product Fulfillment.  Since that time we have developed our portfolio and now offer additional services.
We have also complemented our furniture with a great selection of lighting, ceramics, pictures and soft furnishings, all designed to turn your house into a home to be proud of.
Great customer service lies at the heart of The Home Company - right from the moment you walk into out showroom to the day our delivery team brings your furniture.
All of our Project, Design and Implementation Management processes and procedures have attained ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation. We take pride that this ensures that all engagements & services consistently high quality and are delivered on time, within budget and to specification.
We specialized in supplying quality Plumbing and Heating that was of superior quality design and finish. Over the last couple of years
Our experience has been gained in over 17 years experience and more than 1,000 successfully delivered projects ranging from implementation of nationwide communications networks through construction of data-centers, development of mission critical business application and delivery of customized managed services to our customers.